Citroen DS3 RRC Rally Portugal 2013

Citroen DS3 RRC R. Kubica Rally Portugal 2013

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  1. Hello it is nice to have you back. Good skin of kubica. Thanks a lot.
    Bye the way. If you have time my suggestion for new skin is duval mini wrc 01b rally de Wallonie 2013 with sponsor gordon beers. I think it is a great design. I know somebody made the skin on the french rallyesim side, but the skin is not good. A lot of things are missing and the skin is for mini wrc and not for evolution 01b from garyson. So maybe you find time. Best regards.

  2. Good work guy. Welcome back..

  3. Sorry for this but where i must installed this data???

  4. Hello,
    All beautiful first blog with very beautiful skins Richard burns rally.
    I write because I have even a blog for skins Richard burns
    Only here I'd like to expand a little like yours. I would like to know how you did the layout as it is sublime.
    Sorry for my english, it is a translation because I'm French!
    Thank you for your answers



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