Mini WRC ADAC Rallye Deutschland 2012

re-upload (2013/03/04)

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  1. Thank you very, very much for making the skin of Sordo germany 2012!!! You are very friendly, because it is not usual that skinners make textures for other peoples. The skin is great, i love it. Once more thanks a lot for your time and your work!!!
    Very best regards.

    1. thank you for kind comment.
      I chose a little bright red... If you not like this red color, I will be able to change more deep red color.
      Thank you.

    2. From my view the red colour is ok. It is not necessary to change it. Save your great work for other projects. Once more thanks a lot.

    3. If you need a new idea for a mini wrc 01b skin?
      F. Duval rally de Wallonie 2013. The rally is starting today in belgium. I think the design of mini is very very nice. The Sponsor is "Gordon beers". Maybe you are interested to make skin?



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