Volkswagen Polo R WRC Rally Monte Carlo 2016 (Antonelli and Leiro model)

Volkswagen Polo R WRC S. Ogier Rally Monte Carlo 2016

Volkswagen Polo R WRC J.M Latvala Rally Monte Carlo 2016

5 コメント:

  1. Many thanks for your skins!!!
    Waiting for more, maybe for historic RBR cars??

  2. nice job!
    can i make a suggestion? Elwis Chentre Mini WRC Rally del Taro 2016
    here some pics

  3. Great work!The best skins for RBR.Keep going...

  4. Hello thanks a lot for your work and your great skins. One question. I searching for skin fracois duval rally de wallonie 2016 ds3 r5 with sponsor gordon beers. But no one of the skinners make this texture. Maybe is this a posibility for you? If yes it will be great. Best regards.

  5. Ciao, waiting for new skins!!



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